Mesa PD: Nearly $600K worth of drugs seized, 2 suspects arrested

Two people have been arrested and nearly $600,000 worth of drugs were seized during a large drug bust in Phoenix.

Mesa police say they received a tip that drugs were being sold at a hotel in Phoenix. During their investigation, police identified Jeusef Arenas and Marisol Marquez as suspects.

Marquez was pulled over by police during a traffic stop in Mesa and following a search of her vehicle, police discovered over 20 pounds of cocaine, 16 pounds of heroin, 20 pounds of methamphetamine and about 15,000 pills of fentanyl. There was also over $3,000 worth of cash in the vehicle.

Police say Arenas was in charge of the drug operation and he had already been arrested earlier the same day. 

Marquez told police she was Arenas' aunt and was told she needed to pick up some items from the hotel after learning of Arenas' arrest. She claims she didn't know what was in the bags that she picked up from hotel but believed they contained illegal drugs.

Jeusef Arenas and Marisol Marquez