Miami-Dade officers rescue tiny kitten trapped under car

Miami-Dade police officers pulled off a daring rescue Monday and the whole ordeal was caught on camera.

The rescue, dubbed Operation Kitten Rescue, was a "purrrfect success" the Miami-Dade Police Department wrote in a Facebook post about the incident.

A video of the rescue shows three officers pull out a very tiny kitten that had become trapped in a car's engine compartment.

After carefully moving some parts, an officer bravely crawled under the car and stuck his hand into the area where the cat was trapped.

The officer pulls the kitten, which appears to be just weeks old, from under the car and holds it by his face. Other than being a little scared, it looks like it's unharmed.

The officers' work wasn't over yet. They even helped find the kitty, now named Lucky, a forever home.