Bodycam video of Minneapolis police shooting at 36th and Cedar released

Minneapolis police have released body camera video that shows what investigators are calling an exchange of gunfire between a man and officers on Wednesday that left the man dead.

Police say they were performing a traffic stop in the area of Cedar Avenue and 36th Street around 6:15 p.m. on Thursday when the shooting occurred.

Chief Medaria Arradondo said witnesses told officers that the man fired at police and was killed as officers returned fire.

In the body camera video, an officer is seen exiting a squad as other officers attempt to box in a man in a white sedan, which is trying to drive away. In a slowed-down version of the video, you can see the man's driver side window glass shatter outwards before police start firing into the vehicle. At least a dozen shots are heard on the video. Police say there was a woman in the car who was not hurt.

"When I viewed the video that everyone is viewing, and certainly the slowed version, it appears the individual inside the vehicle fires his weapon at the officers first," said Chief Arradondo during a Thursday afternoon news conference.

Police say the man who was shot was suspected in a felony weapons investigation but were unable to further elaborate on the case. The chief also says a gun was found in the vehicle.

Thursday, family members identified the man who was shot as 23-year-old Dolal Idd. Speaking with FOX 9, Idd's father Bayle Gelle questioned the police account of the events leading up to his son being shot.

"I feel really sad. This is police brutality," Gelle said. "When they see a man, they kill him. They don’t even know why."

Chief Arradondo says he has met with the father, who was allowed to view the body camera video before its public release.

In a text message to FOX 9, Gelle confirmed he had seen the video, saying now, "We only have more questions than answers."

The shooting is being reviewed by the Minnesota BCA, which may release further videos showing the incident.