Monsoon leaves a trail of damage in the valley

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After a weeks-long dry spell across the valley, the monsoon returned in full force on Monday.

A powerful storm hit South Phoenix, which caused heavy flooding and even a microburst was reported in one area.

One of the hardest hit areas was near South Mountain where a wall of dust quickly turned into a large storm cell. That cell dumped heavy rain in a short amount of time, which left many homes and cars flooded in neighborhoods.

Many houses in a neighborhood near 24th Street and Baseline are a wet and muddy mess after Monday's storms. In the aftermath of the storms, some residents used brooms to sweep water out of their house, but it had already caused damage to floors and dry wall.

Fox 10 has learned about three-and-a-half feet of water came rushing down South Mountain into the neighborhood and one resident said he had to open a gate to get the water level to drop down.

No injuries have been reported, however, there's a big mess to clean up.

Monday's monsoon even caused flights at Sky Harbor Airport to stop for 30 minutes resulting in several delays.