More human remains found on Long Island: Woman's head, body parts discovered

Suffolk County detectives said they found what appear to be a woman's head, leg and arm on Thursday in the same Long Island park where male human remains were discovered.

UPDATE: 4 arrested, released without bail after body parts found on Long Island

The body parts likely belong to the same woman, Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer said during a Friday press conference.

The first set of remains were found on Thursday afternoon after a teenager noticed a human arm in the Babylon park during her walk home from school. 

Her father called 911, and police canine units found another arm and a leg, both male, on the east side of the park. 

"It appears to be a small amount of days, if not hours, the [remains] were out here," Beyrer said.

Later that night, detectives searched the west side of the park, where the female body parts were discovered.

The medical examiner's autopsy is ongoing.

The police department is treating the investigation as a homicide. Anyone with information is asked to call Suffolk Crime Stoppers at 800-220-TIPS.