Mother of girl accidentally shot by father speaks out

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A girl is still recovering in the hospital, after she was accidentally shot by her father. The six-year-old, Nevaeh, was shot in the abdomen, and has a long road ahead of her. On Monday, the six-year-old's mother spoke about the shooting.

"It will be a long journey, but she's doing amazing," said Nevaeh's mother, Kayla Brubaker.

Nevaeh's father told detectives he was cleaning his gun at close range to his daughter when he slipped, causing the gun to go off.

"I know it was a tragic accident," said Brubaker. "I know that 100%."

Nevaeh suffered life-threatening injuries that she has since overcome.

"The lower leg and into the abdomen, but it missed everything, but she's moving and wiggling and dancing and talking to us, and telling us what hurts and doesn't hurt," said Brubaker. "It's very tragic that this happened and Nevaeh has to pay for it. We all need to be here for her."

The road to recovery won't be easy for the young girl, and Brubaker is asking for help from the community, not only for positive messages for their daughter, but also to help with what's to come.

"I'm the only one with an income, and our goal is to raise money for therapy, extra medical costs that may come," said Brubaker. "She's being very brave and strong, and it's a miracle that it turned out the way it did. She's going to make a 100% recovery. We can guarantee it."

Brubaker said Nevaeh will most likely be at the Phoenix Children's Hospital for three months.

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