Multiple horses shot, killed at ‘close range’ in the dark, Nevada police say

The Las Vegas Police Department is asking for the public’s help after multiple horses have been found shot to death ‘at close range.’ 

The horse killings are happening inside the Red Rock Conservation Area, an area of the Mojave Desert popular for day-trippers outside of Las Vegas. 

Lt. David Valenta, who runs the animal cruelty unit at Las Vegas Police Department, said the shootings are happening at Cowboy Trail Rides, a horseback riding tour company. Four horses have been killed so far this year. 

The first shooting happened in January, then in March and June, and the latest was in the early morning hours on the Fourth of July. Police say each shooting happened at "close range."

"These shootings are intentional and the suspect is actively concealing his identity," Valenta said in a video released by the department

He said the suspect wears a ski mask, gloves and ear protection. 

It’s believed the suspect parks in the area, walks onto the property and then goes to the coral area. 


Image: Las Vegas Metro Police Department Animal Cruelty Unit


Image: Las Vegas Metro Police Department Animal Cruelty Unit

Anyone with information can contact the LVMPD Animal Cruelty Unit by calling (702) 828-3364 or emailing at You can also remain anonymous by contacting Crime Stoppers at (702) 385-5555.

This story was reported from Detroit