Mystery solved: Exotic kitten identified

A tiny exotic kitten, found abandoned in April, is doing well. And experts now say they know just what kind of cat the little guy is.

The Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Center Point, Indiana says the kitten is a Bengal mix -- part Asian leopard cat and part domestic.

"We know that there was a lady in the neighborhood where he was found that had two male Bengalis. And she said they were escape artists. So that makes us think that they probably mated with a domestic and this is the result," offered Jean Herrberg of the rescue center.

Now, this little kitten is out to make friends with other exotic animals in the shelter, showing that even though he's small he can still be part of the pack.

Herrberg says cats like him can be kept in your home as a pet.

"All of the little cats -- the bobcats, the servals, the lynx -- they aren't necessarily dangerous if they've been raised as pets," she continued. "But the downside is, once they mature, they will mark everything in your house and that's when people start getting rid of them."

This little guy won't have to worry about that. The rescue center says he's too cute for them to give up.