NC 'Bathroom Bill' settlement expands transgender rights

An ongoing battle for three years is now over. Transgender people can now use restrooms matching their gender identity.

It's a decision that comes with a sigh of relief for Transgender people.

"My pronouns are 'they, them,' so I am neither a man nor woman," said Basil Whisenant. "Gender is a spectrum."

For Whisenant, the bathroom decision is a small win.

"It's brought an issue that had been existing to the forefront," Whisenant said. "I literally today I stood between the bathrooms and tried to decide which one to use."

In March of 2016, Governor Pat McCrory signed House Bill 2 into law. It mandated people use the bathroom that corresponded with their birth certificate.

"The law as it now stands in North Carolina is problematic for the league," said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver at the time.

It ended up costing Charlotte the NBA All-Star Game, and divided the state. Still, people disagree, including those who commented on the FOX 46 Facebook page.

One person wrote, "I'm telling everyone right now, God help me if I run into one while I'm in the restroom, I won't be responsible for my actions," to which Whisenant responded, "One what? One person just trying to use the restroom with you?"

Another person said, "Good! Everyone should be comfortable when they pee *shrug emoji*."

Now that the three-year dispute is over, some are hoping it'll lead to more change.

"It's OK to disagree," said Carrie Baldwin, "but it's not OK to get personal, or get violent or get in somebody's face."