Neighborly dispute: Shots fired, home bulldozed

A dispute between neighbors in Tipton County, Tennessee got out of hand after police say one man reportedly used a bulldozer to destroy his neighbor's home.

At first glance, the house looks like the victim of storm damage, but no, this damage is man-made.

"Why would you want to put a family out of their home? Unless you're just cold hearted, right?" asked the homeowner's brother, Sam Higdon.

The Tipton County Sheriff's Office says Edgar McLellan is charged with trespassing and felony vandalism after running down the home with a backhoe on Saturday.

On Monday, family members were surveying the damage. Walls on the left side of the home were caved in, with bits of ceiling on the floor. Flies have made their way into the kitchen.

"No reason why. He's never had a beef with this man," said Higdon.

Family members told FOX 13's Kristin Leigh they've never had problems with McLellan, but the Sheriff's Office says this is the result of a neighborly dispute.

John Higdon, who lives in the damaged home, was arrested just a few hours before the bulldozing incident. He was charged with reckless endangerment after firing gunshots into the woods behind his home.

Officials told FOX 13 that John Higdon reported prowlers shining lights into his house multiple times last week. Deputies say Higdon told them he thought the prowlers were McLellan's employees.

Dispute or not, John's brother says McLellan had no right to destroy their family's home.

When asked if he believes McLellan is responsible for paying for the damage, Higdon replied, "Yeah, it says private property. No trespassing. What's he doing pushing somebody's house down?"

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