Neighbors banding together to stop crime in Laveen

LAVEEN, Ariz. -- This is a problem we have seen over and over again lately. Some creepy person walks up and steals stuff right off of a home's porch.

When that happened to a woman in the southwest Valley, she got made and also turned to her neighbors for help.

A little metal Dachsund dog used to be seen by Robin Moreno's front door. For 17 years, it greeted visitors and stood guard and was a trusted family friend.

A few weeks ago, somebody stole the little Dachsund.

"It really kind of took the fun out of decorating when people steal things off your front porch.. a little discouraging," said Moreno.

What is really upsetting here isn't so much the loss in dollars, it is really more the principle of the thing.

"It bothers me what gives them the right to come on my porch and take the things that I earned and it really frustrates me, upsets me and I don't have enough words.. it is really violating," she said.

Moreno recently moved in to this new development near 51st Avenue and Southern. This is the kind of thing that can shake your faith in the neighborhood.

"We are standing together as a neighborhood. Everybody in our new development has gotten together and we are watching out for each other."

Watching out for each other and on the lookout for a little metal Dachsund.

Neighbors would like to see more patrols by Phoenix Police.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of this missing cute little metal Dachsund, give Phoenix Police a call at (602) 262-6151.