New aluminum wine bottles give wine lovers the option to enjoy their favorite drinks on the go

CCL Container designed a new custom aluminum wine bottles that gives wine lovers an option to enjoy their beverage on the go. (Photo: CCL Container)

While some enthusiasts are still getting used to the idea of wine in a can or corkless bottle, a new aluminum wine bottle has hit the market to offer yet another way to enjoy, and maybe preserve, their wine. 

CCL Container designed a custom 500-ml aluminum wine bottle featuring a lock-and-twist screw top, which they say allows the wine to be resealed and saved instead of wasted.

The company manufactures recyclable aluminum aerosol cans, custom aluminum bottles, and other aluminum packaging, according to their website. 

CCL Container said their new aluminum bottle also helps to sustain the temperature of the wine by keeping it colder longer compared to wine in a glass or plastic container, claiming they are ideal for wine drinkers who want to bring their favorite beverage with them on a picnic, hike, or outdoor concert. 

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To help promote their aluminum wine bottle launch, CCL Container partnered with Bigsby’s Folly, a Denver-based winery. CCL Container said they designed an aluminum wine bottle for Bigsby’s with creative decorations to reflect the company’s brand. 

The launch of the new aluminum wine bottles comes less than a year after the cost of wine was projected to skyrocket based on a high demand for wine connected to more people staying in doors due to COVID-19. 

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In 2021, wine vineyards were hit by dry weather and caused a wine bottle shortage in the industry. Roughly 60% of states out west, where many vineyards are located, experienced extreme drought conditions. Wine production in some vineyards was down as a result. 

At the time, companies dealt with a backlog at ports in California due to the supply chain crisis, and truck driver shortage.

FOX 13 Tampa contributed to this story. This story was reported from Washington, D.C.