New art installation revealed at WestWorld in Scottsdale

A new art installation by WestWorld in Scottsdale was revealed on Friday and it took a lot of extra time and effort to make it all happen.

Right behind WestWorld at the Soho Scottsdale a live work complex is being built and it's one of seven Soho blocks that will be on the property.

It takes a lot to get to this point as crews use a crane to lift the blocks into place. It takes a few hours to get everything together and they represent connectivity between man, nature and technology.

"We thought the theme would be just part of the whole overall concept that we're doing, which is the live-work community," Irene Catsibris said. "I think art should be incorporated in every project and we were very excited that the city of Scottsdale allowed us to do it on our project."

There's also going to be a big mural on the side of this part of the complex. The first phase is expected to be completed by October.

The whole project will be completed in about a year and a half.