New high-rise building being built for seniors near ASU's Tempe campus

A high-rise condo building is going up, right in the heart of Arizona State University's Tempe Campus.

By now, you might think it's yet another dorm for students. But there's a twist.

People behind the Mirabella high-rise would like to think of the senior citizens who will eventually move into the building as "lifelong students".

"This is new thinking. New ideas," said Paul Riepma with Pacific Retirement Services. "A lifelong learning center."

It's a big twist on senior citizen living, as it is located right in the heart of a university campus. To developers and future founding members, however, it's a retirement one can look forward to. A retirement that makes you, in a sense, an honorary ASU student.

"The secret sauce of Mirabella has been the relationship that each of these founders will have, as being a fully integrated member of the ASU university family," said Riepma.

Mirabella residents won't just be living on campus, and will also get the opportunity immerse in what they have to offer.

The future founders can look forward to, among other things, attend classes.

Yes, the building may be in the mix of a university campus, right in the eye of Mill Avenue, a street known to be flooded with college kids sometimes looking for a weekend party. For some retirees, however, it's nothing to be afraid of. Rather, it's something they are looking forward to.

"Now I have the opportunity to do something different," said Mel Kessler. "An urban lifestyle."