Non-soon or Monsoon? Depends on where you're at

2017's Monsoon season started off pretty quiet.

In June, the Valley saw very little rain or dust, but during July, the Monsoon has really ramped up.

On Monday, Ryan and Michelle Powell took a video at their Queen Creek home, showing floodwater coming up to their front door, twice, in a 24-hour period.

"When I saw it coming up, I went to go put my shoes on and came back out and it was already up to the door," said Ryan.

The Powells have lived in the area for seven years. This year's Monsoon, however, feels more active for the Powells.

"It's above average," said Ryan. "We've had this three years ago. They call it the 100-year storm every three years. About every three years we get flooded like this."

Meteorologist Dan Henz with Maricopa County Flood Control said the Powells got a Monsoon season's worth of rain, in that 24-hour period.

"Over the last two weeks, we've had several pretty high impact rain and wind events throughout the Valley," said Henz. "We're definitely making up for lost time."

In the Valley, however, it's all about location, location, location. While the East Valley received three inches of rain, Sky Harbor airport barely got anything

"At the airport, at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, we usually see about an inch of rain through the month of July," said Henz. "We're not quite to that inch yet, but we still have a week left for a month of July."