Oakland County Sheriff looking for man accused of raping unconscious woman at Commerce Township party

"It's disgusting, that's what I think. It's disgusting," said Mike McCabe, undersheriff at Oakland County.
Cops cringing as they think about what one man is accused of doing: raping a woman in commerce township while she was passed out. Police say on October 17th - a 21-year-old woman from Detroit came to a home on Tyler Drive in commerce township with three other friends for a small party. 

"There were four young ladies and two young men at this house and there was drinking going on, there was alcohol. There may have been some marijuana, we're not certain," said McCabe.

Later on, during the party, the group got into a hot tub in the backyard. That's where the suspect, who's been identified as "Paul" or "Paúl" told the victim to sit on his lap. She said no and got out.

"This young lady became sick, she went to the bathroom, she threw up, she laid down on the bed," said McCabe.

That's when the story gets darker. Later on, one of the woman's friends came in with the 22-year-old man who threw the party. They got into the same bed and started having sex while the victim was still passed out beside them.
"While those relations were going on, the suspect who goes by either Paul or Paúl comes in and decides he apparently is going to have sex with a young lady that's passed out," said McCabe.

The woman's friend, noticing what's happening, yelled at Paul or Paúl and shoved him off of her friend. The suspect put his clothes on and left. The woman then woke up her friend and told her what had happened.

The victim told the police and her father two weeks later. 

"The victim here is obviously very upset. She's now lost her job as a result of this, it's been torture for her," said McCabe.

The Oakland County Sheriff's Department said the 22-year-old isn't cooperating with police. Police believe he knows who Paul or Paúl is, and isn't giving him up.

Police believe Paul or Paúl is in his mid-twenties and may live in Dearborn. They're unsure if he is middle-eastern or Hispanic, though witnesses say he did speak some Spanish at the party. Fox 2 tried speaking with the homeowner on Monday. Appearing very angry, the man said the victim was lying. But cops don't believe him. 

"Who knows who else he did this too," McCabe said. "It's gotta be stopped."