OdySea wins award for 'America's Best Restroom'

How about this for a title... America's best bathroom! Thousands of people from all over the country voted and picked OdySea in Scottsdale!

The facilities management company Cintas put on the competition, and today, they officially presented OdySea with the award.

"We had a lot of good competition this year," Sean Mulcahey said. "A lot of interesting concepts, but I can't really say I'm surprised. It's a great facility."

You see the clean sinks, the clean atmosphere, but then a shark just goes right by when you're in there and it kinda of takes your breath away.

"It's phenomenal for not only myself, but also the aquarium," Rachelle Strickman said. "We were playing around with little squares of paper and I go like, 'Wow, we're up against the tank... why don't we put a window in there?' And that's how the idea was conceived and then we just went from there and built on it."

As a prize, Cintas gave OdySea $2,500 that they can use towards any of the company's cleaning products or services.

If you'd like to see the bathroom for yourself, OdySea is open seven days a week.