Officials say Arizona can learn from Palisades Fire in California

While California firefighters are working to put out the quickly growing Palisades Fire, officials say Arizona can learn from the wildfire. 

Like California, Arizona gets wildfires year-round from Tucson to Flagstaff. Though a state away, Arizona can learn a lot from the harrowing scenes unfolding during the Pacific Palisades, California Fire.

Delores Garcia with Arizona's Bureau of Land Management says our terrain can be similar. 

"You know we have some areas that can be real steep with chaparral fuel type in and around Prescott, deserts in and around Scottsdale that have high brush build-up," said Delores Garcia. 

In the Pacific Palisades Fire, the fire department attributed low wind and homeowners who had cleared brush around their homes for keeping damage low. Garcia suggests Arizona homeowners look at their defensible space. 

"Now we're experiencing some good weather, go outside and take advantage of that, look in and around your house and look where you can improve and make some fire-safe decisions," explained Garcia. 

For homeowners, the time to protect your home from the flames is before a fire starts, not after. What they recommend is pretty straight forward. 

"It doesn't require a bulldozer going through to clear all your vegetation," said Garcia. "Selectively removing fuels, vegetation, mowing your lawn, keeping limbs and branches off your home can make a big difference."

If you need help, Garcia says the fire department is often willing to come and give suggestions on what to do to make your home more fire safe.