Olmost The Weekend: Hot rods on display at custom car show

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- This weekend, there's an event that can appeal to many dads, as low riders and hot rods are featured at Arizona's Indoor Custom Car Show.

"This car show is an extension of that what do we get fathers for Father's Day," said Whyner Romero, owner of In The Streets magazine. "Let's bring them out to the car show. What father doesn't like cars?"

Over 500 eye-catching custom rides will be on full display come Saturday at the Phoenix Convention Center.

"I decided to create what I was doing in the magazines but in real life, which was to do something that was photographing all types of vehicles. Let's do a show that caters to all types of vehicles," said Romero.

Vehicles like a classic Chevrolet Fleetline and a 1960 Chevrolet Impala, all uniquely tailored from the paint job down to the trunk set-up.

Luis Miranda with Miranda's Customs Car Shop will be one of the many showcasing a handful of cars. He's been participating in the show since it first started five years ago.

"Me being a car builder, I like to see what other people are bringing and what other body shops and custom shops have put together in their shops to bring to this event," said Miranda.

Besides the custom rides, there will be live music and other contests throughout the day.

"I want them to leave feeling that they just experienced a great show in the middle of the desert, in the middle of June," said Romero.