One year later, women rescued from flood talk about the experience

Water rushed highways, bridges, cars, and even properties away back in August 2014. Two women lost their home in the flood.

It's been over a year, but the damage remains the same after the home was washed away by a wall of water, and now the two women who were inside the home are still trying to figure out what to do next.

"It's overwhelming still when I get down here, I don't come down here very much because I still get upset about it," said Marcia Fuller.

Marcia and her daughter Tracie lived in the New River home for the past 20 years. Both were inside when it started to flood.

"I didn't think anything like that, like a big tidal wave, would be coming, I just thought we were getting flooded, and we could get out, but at that time it was too late," said Marcia.

During the chaos, Marcia called her other children and told them she loved them, thinking it could be the last phone call she'd ever make while Tracie was on the phone with 9-1-1.

"The 9-1-1 operator said the helicopter was coming, and they couldn't find us, and that's when I started waving the sheet out the window so they could find me," said Marcia.

They were rescued shortly after, but Marcia says what really helped them was the landscaping.

"I used to gripe about them (two trees) because they're so messy, and my yard was always messy, but that's the only thing that kept us from going down river," said Marcia.

Now a flood of emotions are coming back when they revisit the site, a reminder of one of the scariest days of their lives. Now a new plan is in place for any future storms.

"anytime the thunderstorms are rolling in, or any clouds, we do wind up getting the horses together and moving vehicles to higher ground, and things like that," she said.

They say though they made it out okay, their lives have changed forever. The pair lost two dogs and two horses in the flood.