Orphaned river otter pup finds new home at Oregon Zoo

An orphaned river otter pup who was found and rescued is receiving care at Oregon Zoo in Portland. Footage shared by the zoo shows the "playful" 10-week-old female otter pup in the care of veterinarians.

The zoo said the otter was found on June 3 along a road in Deer Island and was admitted for immediate care to Portland Audubon Wildlife Care Center. After the pup’s mother could not be located, she was transferred to the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, and because of her habituation to people, was deemed non-releasable by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

On July 13, after the pup’s health was stabilized, she was transferred to Oregon Zoo, where she is receiving care from the Veterinary Medical Center. Oregon Zoo staff plan to introduce her soon to other resident river otters while searching for her permanent home.

The zoo said the pup is estimated to be 10 weeks old and weighs about seven pounds.

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"She’s a little bit larger than a kitten and just about as playful," said Shelly Pettit, who supervises the North America section of the Oregon Zoo."She’s already a great swimmer and knows how to dry herself off. She’s quite a doll."