Over 200 volunteers clean up alleyways in Murphy neighborhood

Pile by pile, 200 volunteers showed up to clean out debris and junk in alleyways in the Murphy neighborhood in Phoenix.

It's a coordinated effort between the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department and the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

"There's a lot of blighted alleyways. There's needles, there's trash, there's all sorts of stuff in alleyways where people are trying to live. Kids are walking to and from school, so to have a bunch of people come out here and just bring love and an impact to their communities is huge for us and part of transforming out city," said Nathan Smith, the Director of Community Engagement at the Phoenix Rescue Mission. "I think the people in these communities are going to see this and say 'Wow, thank God people are doing this for us,' and we can maintain it from here."

Neighbors excited we spoke to were beyond appreciative of all of their efforts.

"I think it's very nice. I can't do it, so I sure appreciate this."

Once the alleyways are clean, safety gates and locks will be installed to prevent the spread of homeless encampments.

The volunteers say this is a way to make all of our communities, safer and cleaner.

"There's still hope in this world, just by proof of this community coming together."