Overnight gas leak shuts down Indian School at 32nd Street

An overnight gas leak has shut down Indian School Road between 32nd and 34th Street.

The Phoenix Fire Department says crews from the city's water department were doing maintenance work near the intersection when they noticed a natural gas smell coming from a manhole. The crew then notified Southwest Gas of the gas smell.

After their initial investigation, Southwest Gas could not pinpoint the exact location of the leak, so they activated a Hazmat response team from the fire department. Gas mains were shut down a quarter-mile in all directions of the intersection.

There were no evacuations as a result.

Currently, Southwest Gas says the leak is between 32nd and 34th Streets on Indian School. This section of the roadway will be closed for an extended period of time, possible throughout Thursday's morning commute.

Stay with Fox 10 for updates.Crews from Phoenix fire and Southwest Gas are on the scene and are trying to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The roadway has been closed for several hours and the closure is expected to last throughout the morning commute.

Stay with Fox 10 as more information develops.