Package thieves capitalizing on holiday season rush

Now that the holiday season is here, it's not uncommon to regularly have a box on your doorstep -- but with packages, thieves are also lurking around the corner to swipe the goods.

Some FOX 5 viewers are downright frustrated about the thefts taking place, but if you think these thieves are always getting what they want, think again.

Last-minute packages are being rushed to the post office as senders cross their fingers that their presents will make it to their loved ones on time.

"This is bad this year. Christmas came a little too early," says one gift-giver, rushing to the post office.

And as the packages are being sent out, there are a lot of expensive things sitting on doorsteps this week -- and that means the Grinches are popping up.

A viewer in Upper Marlboro sent us a video of a package thief.

And in Northeast D.C., a woman named Ruth sent a video to FOX 5 of a package snatcher creeping on her doorstep and leaving it aside to avoid being seen before walking away with her package.

Ruth tells FOX 5 that the "prize" inside -- was a natural detox laxative she ordered from Amazon.

In Edgewood, Northwest, D.C., the search is on for a stolen poop emoji pillow dog toy. The owner wrote on a neighborhood app "wish it was real poop."

Iann Washington can only hope the gift's she's mailing today makes it to the receiver and not a thief taking advance of all the holiday of giving.

"What can you do? There's nothing you can really do people are going to mean, you hope it gets there and people leave your stuff alone," she says.

Sometimes, the packages that are stolen are truly valuable. A reward of $10,000 is now being offered for the ashes of an Arizona woman's father that were stolen from her front door.

Those who are expecting holiday packages are asked to be vigilant and get them inside as soon as possible to avoid theft.