'Packages From Home' sends care packages to soldiers overseas

Letter after letter, each thank you from a soldier lines the walls of an organization called "Packages From Home."

For 13 years, they've sent out thousands of care and hygiene packages put together here in the Valley and sent to soldier all around the world.

"We pack up a little piece of the United States of America for them," Sara Perry said.

Sarah Perry and others are devoted to the cause, sending boxes filled with snacks and fun items to not juust soldiers, but also animals.

"Not the military's fault, but everyone has a budget, and the handlers have to pay for a lot of items for these soldier dogs who are sniffing out land mines and keeping our soldiers and everyone else safe," Perry said.

But they need help as numbers rise -- we're now at 200,000 troops and 3,000 working dogs. This, as donations are down and shelves are bare.

"Summer time is always our slowest donation season," Perry said. "We love when folks give at the holidays and that sustains us for most of the year, but as you can see a little bit on our shelves, we're dwindling, but need for the care packages is not dwindling."

Their website constantly updates with the specific items they need, but monetary donations also help to pay for the cost of sending it all over.

"It was $7.20 to send a care package when we first started in 2004, and now it's $17.35 to send a single package," Perry said.

A package that makes a difference and puts a smile on a soldier's face. What better way to say thank you on a day we celebrate our freedom.

"It's Independence Day, right?" Perry asked. "Well, who keeps us free? Who gives us our independence? It's our troops. We need to support them because they're making this wonderful place in possible for us."