Parents opposed to teacher walkout make their voices heard

Parents who are opposed to the teacher walkout made their voices heard at rallies, and also spoke out on social media via hashtag #purpleforparents.

The parents wore purple shirts, and say teachers needed to get back into their classrooms. The group has been greatly overshadowed by educators wearing red shirts at the State Capitol. They say they support educators and want them to make more money, but don't support what they say is the political bent of #RedforED, and in particular, its leader Noah Karvelis.

"I have been advocating against them since day one, and not found much support," said Paula Wilson. "People don't want to talk about it. If I'm going to have somebody lead me, I don't want them to have an alternative motive."

"I think it's political. Not about the kids. They should have said we will finish our contract and that's the way it should have been," said Jesse Niccum.

Parents wearing the purple shirts say the battle is just beginning, and will stretch into the next election and beyond.