People in Phoenix react to reports that President Trump may terminate DACA as early as Friday

People in Arizona are reacting to news Thursday that Donald Trump is prepared to announce plans to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA.

DACA, which was enacted by President Barack Obama, has stopped young immigrants who are in the country illegally from being deported for the past five years. The official announcement could come as early as Friday.

In Arizona, DACA has protected close to 30,000 people, and those people now possibly face an uncertain future.

Karina Ruiz with Arizona DREAM Act Coalition has spent over half her life in Arizona, and has three kids.

"I finished high school here, ASU Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry," said Ruiz.

If Trump terminates DACA, however, she could be sent back to Mexico at any time.

"I believe that is not the responsible thing to do," said Ruiz. "800,000 lives in jeopardy, in limbo. If he decides to do that, people like me are vulnerable for deportation."

Chicanos Por La Causa says DREAMers signed up for DACA, believing they were safe.

"These students went through the process," said David Adame. "Some advised this could happen. Sure enough, here we are, new President. I don't want to do this anymore. You are off on your own."

Some, like Reyna Montoya, said if they are deported, they face an uncertain and dangerous future. She said people eager to send immigrants like her back to Mexico don't understand the full picture.

"My dad was escaping violence," said Montoya. "I would tell them, 'are you OK with me dying in my country I don't consider home?'"