Peoria first responders make kids' birthday party extra special

Playing with their new toys that now hold a special meaning, Sergio and Javier Moreno and their friend, Kayden, remember the day they had on Sunday.

"They made the birthday party more fun," Sergio said.

It was a party that at first not many friends or family showed up to, leading their mom, Jessica, to make a desperate call to anyone who would listen.

"I didn't know what else to do at that last minute," she said. "It was just that mom instinct of, 'I need to do something for my kids to make their days special.'"

So, she called the Peoria Police and Fire Departments, asking for any crews who weren't busy to come to the party. Dispatchers spread the word and first responders showed up right away.

They took pictures, talked to the kids, and made it an experience they'll never forget.

"They let the boys go up in the fire truck and showed them their police cars and their fire trucks and even brought presents, which was not expected at all," Jessica said.

Presents that the boys will cherish with a message that will last for a lifetime.

"I gave every single one of them a hug and I was in tears when we left," Jessica said. "The boys said it was the best birthday ever."