Phoenix Children's Hospital hits the road to raise awareness for childhood cancer

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Samantha and her 10-year-old son, James, will tell you there's no roadmap back to normal after receiving life-altering health news.

The Zintak's journey started when James was just 18-months-old. He was diagnosed with a rare blood disease and needed extreme treatment, so they turned to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

"He had to go through chemo on [the] seventh floor of PCH and just was treated so amazingly," Samantha said. "Without them, he wouldn't be here today."

Thankfully, James is one of many success stories.

"We come every year 'til he's 21, basically checked head-to-toe and everything is good," Samantha said. "He's able to do anything that any little boy can do, which is amazing."

But every year, more than 300 patients are diagnosed with cancer at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

That's why they're kicking off their "Step Up, Step In, Stop" campaign with a bus tour to raise awareness to fight childhood cancer and funding for research.

"We've really monikered it to pinpoint on getting the community behind us and creating a big community challenge, so it's time to step up and help us fight the battle that these kids are going through," Tim Harrison said.

Samantha and James were able to join the rest of the PCH group for a portion of the stops this morning, making the trip extra special. Even though navigating the medical world can be confusing, Samantha encourages everyone to stop and ask for help.

"Lean on your family for support, ask questions to your nurses and doctors, but be positive," she said. "I know, I know how hard for sure it can be to get negative or start getting weird thoughts in your head, but just stay positive."