Phoenix couple accused of having sexual, meth-fueled relationship with teen

A disturbing case out of north Phoenix: a young was couple arrested, accused of giving a teenage victim meth and having sex with her.

The 15-year-old victim told a counselor that this had happened at least 10 times. Sometimes the suspects would leave their daughter in another room.

Phoenix Police arrested 25-year-old Alonso Caufield and 23-year-old Chelsea Coratolo after the teenage victim told the counselor that she had been having a sexual and drug fueled relationship with the couple over a period of about four months.

"I heard a knocking on the door, and I hear "this is the police, open up the door," and I saw 15 cops out here... I saw the vans take like evidence out there, I didn't know what it was, I knew it was more than a typical every day whatever bust, I just didn't know what," said a neighbor named Chad.

According to court paperwork the victim told the couple she was in high school. When they would get together the victim claims the suspects would give her meth and then have sex with her.

The victim told investigators they would treat her like a dog and put a collar on her neck.

She also told them that the male subject would sometimes use a web camera to record them having sex, and he would then send her the videos online.

"I am like in shock, it happened right there, it is hard to believe," said Chad.

"I never expected it honestly," said Isabel.

Police say this all happened at the couple's apartment near 19th Avenue and Cactus, and the victim was not held against her will.

According to court documents, both suspects admitted to having sex with the teen. They were booked into jail on a number of charges, including sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a minor.