9/11: People in Phoenix area gather for events to commemorate 22nd anniversary of the terrorist attack

It has been 22 years since a terrorist attack in the U.S. killed thousands of people, and on Monday, a number of events were organized in the Phoenix area to commemorate the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, as well as a fourth plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on that same day. 

According to the National Park Service website for the Flight 93 Memorial in Pennsylvania, that fourth plane was most likely targeting the U.S. Capitol, but the plane crashed before it reached the target due to an uprising onboard by passengers.

Gilbert 9/11 Memorial

"Join Gilbert Fire and Rescue and the Gilbert Police Department as we remember the lives lost and pay tribute to the brave first responders who answered the call on September 11th, 2001."

Gilbert's fire department chief, Rob Duggan, was at the event.

"Really for us, it's about getting together, an opportunity for our community to come together as well," said Duggan.

Patriot Day Memorial Climb - Buckeye

"Climb 1980 steps at Trail 340 in honor of the brave 1st responders who gave their lives to save others on September 11, 2001. Don't want to participate in the climb but want to show your support? Join representatives from the city of Buckeye Police and Fire departments for the Bell Ringing ceremony beginning at 5:30 a.m. 

"The ceremony will begin with the honor guard's posting of colors. All proceeds for the event will benefit United Buckeye Firefighter Charities, Local L4311, and Buckeye Police Association."

Tempe Healing Field

This is an annual tribute to the innocent lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001. Volunteers come to set up and take down flags across Tempe Beach Park.

Events also include a Tunnel to Towers 5k Run/Walk, a concert, and a candlelight vigil on Sunday.

Among those who visited the Healing Fields was a six-year-old girl who was accompanied by her brothers and sisters, as well as their mother.

"This is our second year coming down to the flags," said the mother. "In our family, we teach our kids about American history, and it's important for them to know what happened, and to remember those [who] lost their lives on 9-11."

Veterans groups also took turns walking around the lake, as a way to honor those who did not survive that fateful day.

911 Tower Challenge

"The World Trade Center's Twin Towers each consisted of 110 floors and 2071 steps, and each year thousands of people across Arizona walk, climb and run the stairs to remember. Firefighters in full gear, Police, Military and Bomb Squad personnel march steadily alongside civilians of varying ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Photographs of our fallen heroes line the stairs, and participants pause briefly to read the names in recognition of the sacrifice each made while in the service of others. This powerful morning will reconnect you to the kindness, strength and bravery exhibited on that dark day. "