Phoenix organization in need of dry dog food

The Good Dog Food Bank helps pet families in need so they are able to keep their animals at home instead of having to give them up.

But right now, the non-profit organization is running on a dry dog food shortage. Owner and founder of the food bank, Lisa Walter, says every donation goes a long way.

"There is a great need in the area," she said. "We have overpopulation. We have hungry animals that are being surrendered into that system that's so overburdened. We really need help. It's a community effort."

Walter has been running her business for 13 years and spends most of her time giving back to pet families in need. Dogs are especially dear to her heart.

"I've always been very, very, very passionate about dogs," she said. "I choose to be their voice because they don't have one."

During the summertime, Walter says is when they are in real need of pet food donations. If the Good Dog Food Bank is running low on supplies, it's hard for her to turn a family away.

"It's really though, it's heartbreaking to tell a family that I don't have food to give you," she said. "Usually at that point I'll just take it out of my own pocket and try to help out in that way, buy it myself to give to them."

Good Dog Food Bank