Phoenix pet shop owner challenging Federal Court order

Frank Mineo, owner of "Puppies N' Love" in Phoenix, has filed an appeal with the Federal Court that challenges the ban on pet stores from selling animals they have bought from breeders.

Last month, the Federal Court upheld a city ordinance that bans pet stores from buying animals from breeders.

Mineo owns seven pet stores in Phoenix and has been in business for over 40 years.

With his appeal filed, he is allowed to continue to sell puppies from licensed breeders, as the court considers his appeal.

"We decided to appeal not only because we think the judge got it wrong in Phoenix, but because this is an unacceptable trend spreading to communities nationwide," he said. "We're all against substandard breeders, and that's why we screen breeders to ensure that we only do business with those that are conscientious and have high standards."

"Every puppy from 'Puppies N' Love' comes from USA-licensed breeders that do not just meet, but exceed federal and state regulations or from a small group of reputable 'hobby' breeders," he added.

Mineo's attorney, Bob Schaffer, says the court's decision gives state and local governments too much power and ultimately hurts reputable breeders.

"Although the Phoenix pet store law purports to target inhumane 'puppy mills,' it indiscriminately harms all out-of-state breeders," he said.

Schaffer also says he believes the purpose of the city ordinance is to promote adoption of homeless pets, and because of that it should only target pet stores that deal with out-of-state breeders.

"The problem with the ordinance is that it unfairly singles out breeders from other states to bear the brunt of the ordinance while sparing their local competitors," he said.

Because of what's happening in Phoenix, Mineo believes other cities may make similar decisions depending on what happens in Phoenix.