Phoenix police identify suspect from Saturday's officer-involved shooting

Phoenix police have identified the suspect from Saturday's officer-involved shooting.

Sgt. Trent Crump with the Phoenix Police Department says 46-year-old Keven Thomas Snyder was shot and killed following a domestic violence situation Saturday.

According to Crump, a woman arrived at her home near 4200 West Morten Avenue around 1:30 a.m. on July 18. Her estranged boyfriend had been staying at the house while she was away on a vacation, but she expected him to be gone. When she returned home, she found his belonging inside the house and knew he was still there.

The couple spoke about reconciliation, but the conversation escalated into a heated argument. When the victim tried to leave her home, Snyder pulled out a handgun, told her he was going to kill himself and would not allow her to leave. At approximately 6:20 a.m., the victim activated a panic button on her house alarm.

A short time later, police officers responded to the alarm. They were checking around the home when they heard a woman yelling for help inside, Crump said. The female yelled that her boyfriend was in the house, had a gun and was going to kill her. That's when the victim came to the front door, opened it and was pulled out by an officer, according to Crump.

The officers on scene then called for backup. Once additional officers arrived, they ordered Snyder to exit the house without the handgun. After getting no response from inside the home, officers called for the Air Unit, Canine and SWAT, Crump said.

A little while later, a police canine located Snyder hiding in a small storage shed of a neighbor's home. Officers ordered Snyder to surrender, but he refused so they released the canine. While the canine was biting Snyder's arm, the canine's handler attempted to enter the storage room.

When the officer attempted to enter the room Snyder closed the door on the officer, trapping him in the threshold of the doorway. Snyder then retrieved a chrome handgun, pointed it at the officer who then fired several shots, striking Snyder multiple times.

Snyder was pronounced dead at the scene. He was later found to have an active felony warrant for a probation violation regarding an aggravated assault, Crump said.

No officers were injured during this incident and the victim was unharmed as well, according to Crump.