Phoenix police shoot knife-wielding man after he charges at them

Phoenix police say they opened fire on a man armed with a knife after he charged at them near 16th and Yale Streets.

The shooting happened Sunday afternoon after officers responded to a call about a man with a knife who was acting irrationally.

The man, identified as Charlie Joseph Murillo, started beating on the vehicle of the first officer who arrived at the scene. A second officer ordered the man to drop the weapon but he didn't comply.

The officers initially tried using a beanbag gun on the 25-year-old suspect, but that did not subdue him.

"The suspect continued toward the officer whom then used the shotgun as an impact weapon and struck the suspect. The suspect turned and approached the first officer with the knife in his hand. That officer fired his duty weapon, ending the threat," stated Sgt. Alan Pfohl.

Pfohl did not say how many times the suspect was shot.

Murillo was taken to a Phoenix hospital in critical condition. He was pronounced dead on Sunday night. No officers were hurt.

Police are still investigating.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.