Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport introduces Navigator Buddies pilot program

If you thought Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport couldn't get any friendlier, you thought wrong.

The airport introduced their new Navigator Buddies on Friday. The dogs are going to be walking around and if you're feeling lonely, just know you won't be alone at this airport.

A furry friend for passengers throughout the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, a buddy that could help make your flight experience that more bearable, this group of pups is called Navigator Buddies.

Phoenix Councilwoman Theda Williams worked for years to get the program here.

"A lot of people that are sitting there are sad, stressed and there's nothing like a dog to cure it," she said.

Many of the dogs are therapy dogs that belong to airport volunteer navigators and they've seen passengers in all kinds of distress.

So they were happy to offer the dogs for assistance, for you to stop and say hi to.

Carroll Colasardo helped with the training for many of the dogs.

"Those people who are away from their pets, it brings a lot of joy from them," she said.

This is a pilot program that they're launching at Sky Harbor, so you'll only find guys like Daisy at Terminal 4.

Say hi and they're very happy to let you be their friend.