Phoenix students go back to school

New shoes, new school supplies, and a new first day of school photo.

Phoenix Unified School District is now back in session.

Summertime has come and gone; now students prepare to carry on as they hit the classrooms to get their studies on.

"Excited, I waited this whole summer just to come to school," said Dalashay Hollins.

This year, students at Cesar Chavez Leadership Academy will have more control on how the year goes.

But it takes more than just students to make the school year run smoothly.

"Every employee in the school district, regardless of their position, received these pins that read "It starts with me," to show their commitment to the student's education," said Ivette Marquez.

Ivette Marquez is the principal; she says once students hit 6th grade, in this K-8 school, they have more responsibility.

"Sixth graders are on their own individual schedules, some kids take algebra, some kids are on an honors track," she said.

Mirna Lopez plans to get algebra out of the way.

"We're starting to take algebra, and that is a course that if we do good this year, once we go to high school we could skip algebra and start geometry," said Mirna Lopez.

As an 8th grade rolemodel, she's also honing in on her leadership skills.

"Being proactive, and doing the things that I need to do first," said Lopez.

But for some students, it's all about the competition.

"I'm going to try out for every sports team, so I can at least try to get to the championship," said Eusebio Sanchez.

These students are starting the new school year on a high note, with a positive mind.