Pinal County Animal Control 'in dire need' of adoptions

Pinal County Animal Care and Control is 'in dire need' of adoptions and are almost at double their capacity, according to the facility's director, Audra Michael.

Michael posted a video on Facebook Friday asking the public to adopt and share their message.

"We have gotten 14 dogs in the last 15 minutes," says Michael in the video. "Every two minutes it seems like somebody's coming in with another stray."

Michael says many people are not surrendering one dog at the pound; she says some are surrendering two to four dogs at a time.

The director recommends that people who are looking to surrender their animal wait until the shelter makes more space.

"We don't have any space right now," Michael says. "We have no open kennels. We've got two, three, four dogs in kennels, and that's just not healthy for the animals."

Michael says that if the issues are not resolved, PCACC could be forced to make "some difficult decisions that we're not allowed to make."

The shelter plans to hold $17.76 adoptions next week, but Michael says anyone can adopt right now for the same price if they mention the Facebook video and like their page.