Police: Armed robbery suspect dead following pursuit, officer-involved shooting

Police say an armed robbery suspect is dead following a pursuit and officer-involved shooting in Glendale that began near 43rd Avenue and Northern.

The pursuit ended at a busy intersection with officers firing several rounds at the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Jorge Alberto Fuentes by Glendale police. This all happened in broad daylight during the Tuesday morning commute.

"Probably about five seconds.. it was real fast," said Mike Yancy, who was driving in the area when he witnessed officers open fire.

"I seen the cars out here at an angle. I thought it was an accident, then I seen a police officer, sounded like he was yelling.. that was weird," he said. "Then there was a smoke bomb, then there was just a whole bunch of shots."

>>VIDEO from the scene: https://www.facebook.com/FOX10Phoenix/videos/1379309238784286

Witnesses told FOX 10 they heard nearly a dozen gunshots. Glendale Police say they didn't shoot first -- Fuentes fired a round at them with his shotgun.

"The officers attempted to taze him, use less lethal force. Ultimately, the shot was fired.. led to an escalation and shots were fired," said GPD's Scott Waite.

A deadly ending to what witnesses say began as a shoplifting incident hours earlier. An employee at a convenience store near 67th Ave. and Bethany Home says Fuentes was chased out for shoplifting.

According to police, Fuentes then confronted employees with a shotgun, and drove off from the scene. Witnesses were able to get a description and license plate number. Officers tracked Fuentes down, but he took off in his SUV, starting the pursuit that ultimately ended in his death.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

"We saw the news and come over here, but we don't know nothing about what happened," said a man who believes the suspect could be his nephew, but did not identify him.

Fuentes was identified by Glendale police on May 24.

This is the second deadly police shooting involving Glendale police officers in less than a week.