Police catch teen who damaged 78 cars wth a BB gun

Victims of a vandalism spree are speaking out after police arrested a teenager in connection with the crimes.

The 18-year-old is accused of shooting at nearly 80 cars including a police car with a BB gun.

Phoenix Police say the teen is the shooter who took out 78 car windows with a BB gun, including a Phoenix Police car parked at a North Phoenix gas station. Now he's facing some serious charges.

The back window of Todd Nelson's Bronco is now covered in plastic after it was shot out.

"The police woke us up and said they've already caught the guy who was doing it," said Todd Nelson.

Nelson was not alone; police say 18-year-old Edwin Pacheco is responsible for shooting out 78 car windows over 3 days in a neighborhood near 19th Avenue and Union Hills.

Court paperwork lists the Phoenix Police Department as a victim in the case when they say Pacheco shot out a marked police vehicle's back window when it was parked at a convenience store. Those who live here credit a vigilant neighbor for following Pacheco and calling the police.

"He had the presence enough to jump in his vehicle and followed him home, and they caught him," said Nelson.

Now neighbors are left to clean up.

"I'm left with the cost, this is just a vehicle for running about, it doesn't have glass coverage on it, so now we'll end up with a big bill," said Nelson.

Police say the total damage caused is upwards of $10,000. Pacheco now faces multiple charges of criminal damage; he is due back in court March 11.