Police need help, as they try to solve cold case murder

Silent Witness is asking for the public's help, as they try to solve a cold case. On Friday, family members of the victims, Carl and Jane Suraci, are speaking out.

Both Carl and Jane were murdered, before their house was set on fire. FOX 10 Phoenix has learned that the family has met with investigators, and all they know is that the couple wanted to leave the area of Aguila, but were killed before they had teh chance.

"This has been 10 years, but there's not a day goes by that the big hole that he has left -- his departure has left is not filled by all of us," said Monica Suraci.

The suspect in Carl and Jane's murder has yet to be caught.

"They weren't sure, but there were bodies inside, and they couldn't identifiy," said Monica. "Over time -- in a very short time, it became clear that yes, that was our loved ones. The world shifted entirely."

A decade later, Carl's siblings, Monica and James, continue asking for tips.

"Please come forward," said James.

"It would give closure for many. It would answer questions, you know, how do we make sense of something so senseless," said Monica.

The two said before their death, Carl spoke about a fear of their safety, and even started a Neighborhood Watch.

"There is no explanation for it," said James. "There definitely is no understanding it."

Family said they want anyone with any kind of information to say something.

"Reclaim your humanity. If you know something, if someone blabbed something, you're part of this humankind," said Monica Sucaci.

There is a reward offered. Anyone with information should call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS. Spanish speakers can call Testigo Silencioso at 480-TESTIGO.

Si tiene alguna información sobre este caso, llame a la línea de Testigo Silencioso (480-TESTIGO, 480-837-8446).