Police warn parents to check Halloween candy after sewing needle found inside Tootsie Roll given to child

Parents in Alabama found a sewing needle inside their child’s Tootsie Roll on Thursday night, police said. 

The piece of candy was given to the child on Halloween night, allegedly in the Buckhorn area of Weaver, Alabama, according to the Weaver Police Department. 

“The child was not harmed, and thankfully the parents of the child found the needle while checking the candy before consumption,” the police department said.  

Weaver police also advised parents to “carefully visually inspect” their children’s candy. 

“Since this candy was given out in the Weaver area we are advising all parents to CAREFULLY VISUALLY INSPECT the candy your children received last night and if anything suspicious is found contact Weaver PD immediately,” police said. 

“If nothing suspicious is found it is still highly advisable that you dispose of all the candy your child received immediately,” the police department added. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.