Political analyst says rash of violence, terror attacks helps Tump

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"Strongman" is a label Republican Donald Trump embraces unabashedly, promising to "make America safe again".

With the death-filled images of Nice, Dallas and Baton Rouge fresh in the minds of undecided voters, the rash of violence in the U.S. and abroad could earn the nominee pledging decisive action a thorough second look.

"It is in insecure times when people are concerned about terrorist attacks and people are upset about police officers being killed and about violence, that's when we are likely to see Trump have more success, especially among Anglo voters who traditionally vote Democratic," said Mark Jones, well-known political analyst at Rice University.

They are "traditionally Democratic votes" Trump must attract to offset a significant number of Republicans who can't stomach the idea of the bombastic billionaire in The White House.

"There are Republicans throughout the country and here in Texas as well as in every other state that just can't accept Donald Trump being the party's nominee," said Jones.

In Cleveland, where Republican delegates have gathered to offer Trump the nomination, the devastating ambushes and bombings of recent days are being viewed as a wake-up call for Americans with a choice to make.

Texas GOP delegate Jessica Colon believes more and more will view Trump's hard line prescription for terrorism and racial violence as appropriate.

"This is why people are being attracted to with his candidacy," said Colon, who also serves as a FOX 26 News contributor. "He's been unapologetic on issues. He's been fearless. He's been unconventional. He's broken the trends at every single turn."