Probation for Arizona woman who switched stores' baby formula

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - A Tucson woman accused of tampering with baby formula at several stores has been sentenced to seven years of probation.

Pima County prosecutors say 30-year-old Jennifer LaPlante accepted a plea agreement last month and pleaded guilty to felony charges of child abuse and fraudulent schemes. In return, prosecutors dismissed six counts of an indictment including drug possession.

LaPlante was sentenced Tuesday to seven years' probation for fraudulent schemes and a concurrent four years' probation for child abuse.

She was arrested in May for allegedly returning tainted baby formula to Tucson stores in a scheme to make money.

Police say LaPlante bought baby formula at several stores and replaced the formula with flour and other substances and then returned the containers for refunds.

One child got sick from ingesting tampered formula.