‘Prom for Patients' gives children's hospital patients a night out

Prom is always a night to remember, but for these prom attendees, it's extra special. They're patients at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Though they are courageously dealing with illness or injury, tonight they get a chance just to be kids having a night out.

"It means a lot, considering I couldn't finish out the rest of the school year," one attendee told Fox 29 Philadelphia. "Today was actually the last day of school."

This prom has everything you'd expect, from a red carpet to fashion to lots of music and dancing.

The prom was founded and is mostly funded by Jeff Kahan, who lost his son Josh to cancer in 1997. Jeff says he still remembers how good it feels to make a frown disappear, and wants to spread that feeling to these kids, and their parents too.

"Today, this is not a hospital," he said.

In the days to come there will be more treatment and more of what you might expect to see in a hospital. But for this night, this hospital is all about one thing: fun.