Queen Creek area school employee accused of assault following incident at fast food store: court documents

A Gilbert woman is under arrest, according to investigators, following an incident at a fast food store in Queen Creek.

According to court documents, the incident involving 46-year-old Felicia Rule was arrested on July 17, but the incident happened a day prior, on July 16, when court documents state that officers were sent to a fast food store in the area of Ocotillo and Ellsworth Roads for a disturbance call.

The caller, according to investigators, stated that a woman smacked the phone out of the fast food store manager's hand.

After police arrived at the scene, the alleged victim said the suspect was upset with how long she had to wait for food, and after several complaints from the customer, she was refunded. However, the suspect was still unsatisfied, and wanted her food other. The manager explained that it is not the fast food chain's policy to provide both a refund and a food order.

"The customer became more upset, was yelling, and she walked behind the counter and into the kitchen/cooking area to continue yelling," read a portion of the court documents.

The suspect, according to investigators, smacked the alleged victim's hands, causing him to lose grip on his cell phone, which fell to the floor. The phone, according to court documents, suffered a large crack from one end to the other on the glass portion, and was not functional.

The suspect, according to investigators, was later identified as Rule. Court documents state she works at Canyon State Academy, and she was reportedly arrested at the school during the afternoon hours of July 17.

Rule, according to court documents, is accused of disorderly conduct, assault, and criminal damage. 

Map of the incident scene