Report: Domestic airline ticket prices are declining, slowly but surely

With people paying more for gas and rent, travelers may be happy to hear a plane ticket is getting cheaper as domestic airfare prices fell for the first time since the start of the year.

However, it turns out travelers in Phoenix say they haven't noticed any difference in the price, adding more needs to be done to bring costs down.

Air travelers say their domestic flights have been extremely expensive. This comes after new reports saying the costs of flights are down.

Domestic airfare is about $20 cheaper than what it was at its peak in May, but travelers say that decline isn't enough.

"If I am spending like $500 more, what is $10 gonna do? That is nothing," a traveler said.

For the last several months, prices have been higher than usual for travel. So, why is it getting cheaper now?

The app "Hopper" says it has to do with demand. Most people vacation in spring and early summer.

Experts say that this is good news for consumers because they expect prices to continue to drop all the way into September and October.

International travel is a different story. These tickets are up 22% compared to last summer. If you want to travel overseas, experts say those tickets will be cheaper in September and October.