Residents at Glendale apartment complex living without air conditioning

GLENDALE, Ariz. (KSAZ) -- It's been weeks, and still, there's no decent air conditioning at an apartment complex in Glendale, and people who live there are losing their patience.

The place is called Las Casitas. Fans are blowing in some apartments, moving around the stifling hot air but not providing much cooling. Nothing provides much relief when the central air conditioning isn't working well.

"Oh, it is very frustrating," said resident Serina Jimenez. "Kids say, 'mom it's hot. Mom it's hot.' It is very frustrating. I cannot turn off the sun. Only can tell my kids so much."

"We don't know what is going on," said one resident, only identified as "Ken". "Going to the office, reporting everything, but nothing has been done so far."

People who live at the apartment complex say the air conditioning has been out for well over a month, and the landlord isn't fixing it. FOX 10's Steve Krafft visited the leasing office for the complex. The sign said "Open", but the door was locked, and nobody answered the door after knocking.

Officials with the City of Glendale says it's on the case, and help is on the way.

"Las Casitas, we served them with notice until August 1. Get chiller fixed up to capacity," said Tim Boling.

If management doesn't fix the AC by the deadline, they could be looking at fines. If that doesn't work, the city says it may file criminal charges.