Residents line up early for opening of first White Castle in Arizona

The wait is almost over! The first-ever White Castle in Arizona is opening in just a few days.

Preparations are underway for the big grand opening, but set up even before the set up were Jamie and her husband Drew. They have been camped out in the parking lot since Saturday, staying in their storm the castle-themed RV. 

"For both of us, it's a staple of our childhood that we remember as being an essential part of growing up," said Jamie, first in line. 

Third in line is Chris Lewis. He showed up bright and early Monday to claim his spot in line. He's looking to relive his childhood memories of growing up in Fairfield, Ohio. His spot in line goes a bit deeper than a craving. 

"Most people would think just looking at me that I'm just a big guy that likes food and that's a little bit true, but it's a little deeper than that," said Chris Lewis, third in line. "My father and I, this is something special that we had together and we didn't have much growing up so the short times we would get to go out to someplace and eat this is where we got to go. He passed away last year and we've been petitioning to get one out here since '96 and it came true and unfortunately, he's not here for the whole trip, but he's here in spirit. He's probably giggling and laughing his head off. He's probably pretty shocked that I'd do this in his memory, but I'm sure he's liking it."    

Come Wednesday, people will be able to get their hands on the legendary squares at the biggest White Castle in the world right here in Arizona. 

"The dining room is the biggest, the double drive-thru is going to be awesome," said Jamie Richardson, Vice President of White Castle. "We wanted to make it the right size, the right size for the crave to make sure we were ready."    

The menu includes the Original Slider, the Impossible Slider, the 1921 Slider, that's only available at three other castles, and all the other traditional cravings, even beer and wine. 

The store opens Wednesday morning at 8:00 a.m. located on Via De Ventura just west of Loop 101. 

Come early, come hungry and crave on!