Rudy Guiliani speaks in the valley; talks Iran sanctions and fighting ISIS

If you want to know who is behind ISIS, it is Iran. That was the message during a meeting of the Iranian-American Community of Arizona. Among those at the event, former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani.

More than 750 people packed a ballroom in downtown Phoenix to hear from those who support the Iranian resistance. Former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani says the President is in denial about the threat we face.

"This is going on all over the world, and we have a President, who won't connect the dots. What's the connection between Kayla Mueller and the rest of the Islamic extremist terrorists, see I said the words the President can't. There's something wrong when our President can't identify our enemy, the tragedy is our enemy identifies us and is killing us," said Rudy Guiliani.

The group says ISIS is being fueled by the Government of Iran.

"They don't understand who the enemy is, it's not just a dispute over politics, it's not a dispute over culture, or religion, the Government of Iran is made up of fundamentalist extremists," said another speaker at the event.

And Guiliani says the Obama Administration should not negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program. He says they are stalling to build nuclear weapons.

"If you believe Iran is interested in the peaceful use of nuclear power you're a fool. They don't need the peaceful use of nuclear power, they have 300 years of natural gas and oil, it's not an energy-starved country," said Guiliani.

The group believes the only long term solution in Iran is to empower the Iranian people and the organized Democratic movement to bring about change in Iran.